City of Vancouver New Homes

We provide all energy advisor services required for new homes in the City of Vancouver and help you meet the VBBL 2014 energy code 9.36. The service includes the Pre-Permit Checklist and Hot2000 p-file, mid-construction Pre-Drywall Checklist and air tightness testing, as well as the final blower door test and Hot2000 Full House Report.

City of Vancouver Existing Home Renovations

We provide all required energy advisor services for City of Vancouver renovations.

City of Vancouver Passive House

We can help you plan a Passive House certified single family residence in the City of Vancouver. Services include a completed PHPP (Passive House Planning Package), and design optimization, air tightness testing and air leakage diagnostics, as well as document preparation for Passive House certification.


                                                                                             Yes we CAN build a Certified Passive House

                                                                                           Yes we CAN build a Certified Passive House