Passive House Design Stage

As Certified Passive House Consultants, we can help you plan and optimize your Passive House. When we complete a detailed PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) we are able to accurately predict the energy gains and losses of the proposed house. We identify thermal bridges and help you eliminate those wherever possible. We also guide you towards those mechanical systems which will help your house function optimally.

Because the air tightness requirement of 0.6 ACH proves to be very challenging for most builders, we dedicate a lot of time towards carefully reviewing the planned air barrier, to help ensure that it will be continuous.

Passive House Air Tightness Testing

Once the air barrier is complete we can do an air tightness test according to the Passive House Standard. If the result is not what was hoped for, then we can do extensive air leakage diagnostics and help you identify ways to improve the air tightness.

Preparation for Passive House Certification

We can prepare all required documentation for submission to a Passive House Certifier, including the final PHPP, site documentation, and test results.

And when all the hard work is done, we can help you celebrate an amazing achievement! Yes we CAN build a Certified Passive House.


                                                                                             Yes we CAN build a Certified Passive House

                                                                                           Yes we CAN build a Certified Passive House